The 30,000 Foot View...

We’ll get right to it then:


Here’s what you need to know:  JamesDugan is a marketing, advertising and business strategy firm located in Sioux Falls, SD.  We groove on providing our clients top quality products that are developed and executed completely in-house. 

"Does that matter?” you ask.  

Why, yes - yes it does.  

Because we don’t need to outsource our services, our clients don’t need to pay as much as they would at other agencies, and we can really get to stay close to every project.  We think that makes sense.

Our services include marketing and business strategy solutions, research, complete video/audio production, web design and development, social media/digital marketing, graphic design, branding, merchandising, public relations, media procurement/placement services and others.  Our experienced, talented team and our commitment to our clients’ success set us apart as a very nimble and responsive agency, able to react to market conditions quickly, keeping our clients on the front end of market changes.

So remember: We’re a really good marketing firm in Sioux Falls, SD that has a proven record of cost effectively growing our clients’business because we honestly like and care about doing that kind of thing.